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Laser Engraving Video - Memorials

View Archive Tuesday 18 December 2012

Laser Engraving Video - Memorials

Winston Churchill Christmas
Winston Churchill looking almost cheerful

First of all, Merry Christmas from everyone at Wheelie Bin Covers & Winston Churchill! We recently took a trip down to London, and whilst we were there we spotted the picturesque Garden of Rest on Marylebone High Street, which is full of memorials to our past British heroes. 

Garden of Rest, Marylebone High Street
The Garden of Rest - Marylebone High Street

This reminded us that whilst many people know we're the best place to get a quality hardwood bench from, there will be many of you out there who have yet to discover our fantastic laser engraving service. We also offer a traditional inlaid lettering service, but recently the laser engraving has become very popular. This is potentially down to the fact that we can now engrave text and images, so customers can now memorialise loved ones with more creative inscriptions.

 Video Showcase of our Laser Engraving Service:

Rose - laser engraving for
Rose image, laser engraved onto a Bench

The Garden of Rest in Marylebone:

As you'll see above, the Garden of Rest has some familiar names residing in its secluded grounds, and the Church itself has a wealth of history.

memorial benches and gravestones Marylebone by
Memorial Benches & Gravestones

The old Church was closed in 1926, but not demolished until bomb damage occured during WWII. The site of the old Church was then used to create the memorial gardens, in 1951, marking the foundations of the Church. The garden includes memorials to Charles Wesley which was erected in 1858 after he was buried in 1788.

Tree Bench -
Tree Bench in the Garden of Rest, Marylebone

Amongst others, the philosopher Sir Francis Bacon from Elizabethan times was married here in 1606.

So if this Christmas, you'll be missing a significant figure in your life, why not memorialise them for generations to come, with a memorial bench from