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October 2012 Garden Bench Sale Now On!

View Archive Monday 8 October 2012

Enjoy outdoors in the comfort of your garden with some beautifully crafted garden benches. These benches are built to be sturdy and robust, and bring comfort and luxury to your private Eden. The benches are ideal for outdoor seating arrangements and can be clubbed with hammocks and tables.

This garden bench sale is a great opportunity to get amazing discounts on benches and revamp your personal space with high quality furniture. Choose from a range of garden benches currently on display and get some very good value for your money.

Lilly Garden Bench

Lilly Garden Bench Sale
Lilly Garden Bench Sale
The Lilly garden bench is created from certified wood to ensure top-notch quality and long lasting durability. The timber used in the manufacturing process of this bench is pre-treated and processed to last a decade without any extensive wear and tear. There is even the option of coating the bench with a protective sealant to increase its overall lifespan.

The width of the bench is designed to seat 2 or 3 people easily at any given time. Flat packed safe delivery of the product is ensured and various accessories suitable to enhance the utility of the products are also available in the sales package.

Teak Windsor Rose Bench

Windsor Teak Bench Offer
Windsor Teak Bench Offer
This exquisite bench is made from teak wood and its competitive pricing makes it easy for even buyers with a budget to own this bench. Elegant and cosy, the bench is also built for stability and durability. The bench comes with an engraved picture of a rose at the centre. If the picture of the rose does not fancy a buyer, then he can have it replaced by another object or text of his liking.

Sherwood Garden Bench

Sherwood Outdoor Bench Sale
Sherwood Outdoor Bench Sale
Simplicity in design is seen in every manufacturing detail of the Sherwood Garden Bench. This bench is wonderful casual outdoor furniture that is built from European pine to be strong and environmentally-friendly. The bench is suitable for homes, school settings, and picnic areas where rough use is usually anticipated.

The pine used to manufacture the benches is treated with protective solvents to increase its lifespan and look. The finished bench may have a slightly green finish owing to the treatment but this gradually fades with time.

The outdoor seating sale is strictly limited and subject to change. So, browse through the complete range of products and order furniture at the earliest.