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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Garden Space

View Archive Monday 20 August 2012

Regardless of whether you have a garden the size of a field or one that is little more than a yard, there are always ways that you can make improvements. This does not have to be expensive or difficult to achieve. Here are five easy tips to improve your garden space.

Garden Furniture

Adding some garden furniture, such as a wooden garden bench, will change your garden into a more usable space. Having a bench will mean that you can enjoy your garden. It will also help to define your garden into different areas such as the living area and the lawn area.

Popular Lily Garden Bench
Popular Lily Garden Bench
If you already have garden furniture, giving it a good clean will instantly improve the appearance of your garden. If the furniture is wooden, you can stain or paint it to give it a fresh look.

Paint Your Plant Pots

Other than adding flowers, a simple way to add a splash of colour to your garden is to paint your old plant pots. You can choose any colour scheme you like. White is great for a clean and fresh look but you may wish to be more adventurous with your colour scheme. If you are creative, you can add designs to your pots. Not only will the garden be more colourful, it will also be unique and represent your personality.

Painted Plant Pot Ideas
Decorative Plant Pots
Have a Tidy Up

People sometimes use their gardens as a storage area. Getting rid of the clutter will make all the difference to how smart your garden looks. Another way to tidy up and improve your garden space is to cut back any overgrown plants and bushes. Doing this will make your garden look larger as well.

Useful Wooden Storage Bench
Useful Wooden Storage Bench
Add Lighting

Adding lighting to your garden will allow you to make use of your garden space at night and it will add a magical atmosphere. Solar powered lights are readily available and reasonably priced. Using this type of lighting will avoid the complication of having to use an electrician to add lighting to your garden.

Improve Walls and Fences

Walls or fences surround most gardens. These are a boring and unimaginative view. Painting them or adorning them with flowers is an easy task. To add flowers you will need a trellis and some climbing plants.

Add a Decorative Wall Trellis with Flowers
Add a Decorative Wall Trellis with Flowers

Alternatively, Add plant pots to the tops of your walls and include some flowers that will trail decoratively down the walls. This is also a good idea if you have a very small garden with limited space to plant flowers.