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Teak Garden Benches

View Archive Monday 16 January 2012

The spring and summer months maybe a little way off yet, but now is a great time to consider planning the outdoor area of your home. Whilst pondering any plans for the garden you may have why not include investing in a garden bench for those lovely days of spring, when you can sit back and enjoy looking over the fruits of your labour with a hard earned cup of coffee.

A garden bench with a traditionally classic design offers comfort and looks superb in almost any garden setting, along with a great place to sit and soak up the atmosphere of a warm balmy spring day.
There is a huge variety of garden benches available ranging from classic garden benches which offer simple design and beauty through to more functionally designed styles such as a garden storage bench which offers an ideal area for keeping bench cushions when not in use.

If you're looking for something a little more unusual you can also find interesting shapes and patterns of benches for example the tree bench which is circular in shape, comes in two halves and can be bolted together for simple assembly around a favourite tree.

Teak Garden Bench

Teak is a most popular material for garden benches of all shapes and sizes and owes its popularity due to its long lasting nature and durability against the weather. A hardwood material, teak is as popular today as it has ever been thanks to its low maintenance requirements and stylish look. It is simple to clean if required with stains from spilled drinks and food being easily removed with a little soap and water and a good scrub.

With a little oiling teak benches can last a lifetime, offering a slow colour change over time as it matures into the garden setting. Having been used originally in the Middle Ages for shipbuilding you can be confident when buying a teak garden bench that you will be buying a product that will give you years of great service, whether you store it inside during the winter months or leave it outside with a good quality cover for protection.

Let’s also not forget that Teak garden benches offer environmental advantages due to the raw material being found and harvested in certified teak plantation areas in Southern Asia. This offers the benefit of reducing harm to the environment and decreasing the number of trees destroyed in more sensitive areas such as South America.

A garden bench will also make a wonderful gift for a number of different occasions. For a loved one who is no longer with us, a special birthday to remember or even a wedding present. With the ability to engrave a message or a pattern, you can purchase a bench and tell whoever it’s for just about anything you want within reason, with the most popular being a memorial bench often placed in a more public area such as a park or woodland area for others to enjoy as well.

Whatever your seating requirements are for the summer this year, a garden bench makes an ideal purchase, offering a lifetime of appeal and a wonderful focal point to any outdoor area.