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Looking after your Garden Bench

View Archive Monday 15 August 2011

Spare a consideration for your garden bench as summer slowly gives way to autumn. Your beautiful garden bench which has offered so much pleasure during the past few months may look a little forlorn in the coming months if it is left to the elements, and even though garden furniture is meant for the garden, often the side effects of the UK’s inclement weather tend not to sit well with your bench or other items of garden furniture you may have invested in for your outside area.

Here are a few examples as to what damage garden benches could be prone to:

Dryness: During a sustained dry period in the winter months, your wooden garden furniture can dry out and crack. This can lead to your bench becoming less sturdy and far less attractive.

Water Damage: If cracked or split, your furniture will become particularly susceptible to water damage during winter. If the water collects in the cracks or splits and freezes this will create larger cracks and splits.

Warping: If the temperatures vary from hot to cold dramatically regularly, the wood can become misshaped. 

A simple solution for protecting your garden furniture is to be certain that it is covered up and in doing so, provide it with a great chance of looking its best for when the sun makes an appearance next spring. Garden furniture covers are the ideal solution offering waterproof options in addition to high durability to maintain your bench as well as other furniture items snug and dry.

It is recommended to invest in a strong one, which fits well, or you could very well find high winds will blow them off leaving your furniture fully or partially exposed. Fortunately, covers are available to suit most shapes and sizes of garden furniture now; these include items such as patio furniture in addition to more interesting shapes such as parasols and not just benches. They may well be the perfect solution should you not possess the room or the strength to get your furniture indoors somewhere.

A very good cover is not only about protecting garden benches from the unwelcome weather though; consideration should be given to sunlight too. It maybe worth keeping an eye on the weather should it be set fair for a particularly warm period. If you are away for any length of time during such a period, you may choose to consider covering your outside furniture safeguarding it against the ravages of the sun's rays.

Making use of a cover will help to extend the life of your bench by protecting the wood from damage. It will still need regular maintenance to remain in tiptop condition, however any damage will be nowhere near as substantial and certainly far less time consuming.