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Reclaimed Teak

View Archive Thursday 23 June 2011

If you're looking for something that is a little special for your garden, then look no further than the range of reclaimed teak furniture we stock and sell.  With garden benches and furniture being a great garden accessory, now is the time as we head fully into the summer period to look for that something different to add character to our outdoor area.

Our range of reclaimed teak benches are the ideal products and perfect for adding rustic charm to your garden.  The range offers stunning solid reclaimed benches and teak furniture that are strong and durable and will certainly last an age. Manufactured from salvaged wood they also give you the opportunity to give something back to nature as well. By reclaiming the wood from old ox carts, fence posts and buildings this range of benches and furniture is ideal for outside use and the seasoned wood is excellent for indoor use having the advantage of a rich patina that ages beautifully.

Each bench is unique and offers an interesting design for the most discerning customer, from a simple Reclaimed Teak Park Bench through to a rather fanciful Wagon Wheel Garden Bench made with a full antique original wagon wheel or if you are looking for something a little different a Teak Wheel Bench complete with double draws is a popular addition to any garden. Our heavyweight option weighs in at a truly massive 132kg; our Teak Root Garden Bench is certainly very different and is manufactured from genuine teak roots. For something a little more traditional but still imaginatively designed our Teak Hub Garden Bench is manufactured from genuine wheel hubs.

The variety of benches available is vast with a choice to suit all pockets and tastes and all come with our finest quality and service.  Any item would make a fantastic addition to the home or garden.  It’s a great feeling when you’re sat enjoying your morning coffee or afternoon tea, having the knowledge to know you have a product which is unique and just that little special that you can enjoy for many years to come.  So, which one takes your fancy?