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Choosing Your Bench

View Archive Monday 16 May 2011

Summer is almost here and it is the time when most people like to be outside as much as possible, enjoying the garden that has taken so much work to develop. Many families also like to spend some of their summer days enjoying the local park as well. If you are looking for a memorial bench for your local park or market square or wherever people like to take a walk, there are some fantastic teak benches around right now. What better way to honour a revered local public figure than with a public memorial bench?

When it comes to choosing a garden bench there are some great ranges available. If you are looking for a garden bench on which you can sit and enjoy your garden then we have a wide range of benches in stock. Whether you are looking for a storage bench, a memorial bench or even a tree bench, you are sure to find something suitable. Storage benches are great if you need some extra garden storage spaces, they offer a place to sit and keep your garden tidy at the same time.

The classic teak garden bench is of a traditional design and has a high back for extra comfort while its wide arms are perfect for balancing your drink. If you have a large garden with a tree then a circular tree bench will make an unusual feature. Tree benches are manufactured from the finest teak, the bench is in two halves that need to be bolted together when fitted round the tree for plenty of additional seating.

Garden benches are among the most popular forms of garden seating and you’re bound to find something that will suit. If you want something different then choose a swing bench for that extra touch of luxury. Memorial benches are extremely popular and not just for public spaces. Many people choose a memorial bench to honour a departed loved one or pet. Take a look at the Darwin Bench, reduced in our garden benches sale to just £199.99, made from FSC certified teak; this is a great bench for any setting.